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Moots - 2018

Our monthly gatherings are open to all friendly visitors with an interest in paganism, members or otherwise. The Committee reserve the right to refuse admittance to disruptive individuals. Meetings for 2018 will be held at the Thomas Wolsey pub, St Peter's Street Street, Ipswich (upstairs room). 

Jan 10th - Pagan Heroes & Villains, a discussion;
Feb 14th - Sheila Haskins on 'Clairvoyance';
Mar 14th - Robin Herne on 'Goat-foot Gods';
Apr 11th - 
Davos Williams plays 'Pagan Music';
May 9th - Craig Cordiner on TBC;
Jun 13th - Beverly Price on 'Understanding Mythology';
Jul 11th - Carys Singer on 'Bast and Magical Cats';
Aug 8th - David Haskins on 'Paganism and Power';
Sep 12th - 
book swap/social moot;
Oct 10th - Tony Manning on 'Caractacus';
Nov 14th - Debate on 'Was Boudicca a Terrorist?';
Dec 8th - Pan's Players present 'Lore and Disorder: SVU' (a Yuletide play)

Other IPC events (Dates to be confirmed)

Wolfshead Pagan Camp 2018 ~ date TBC, at the Finningham White Horse, Suffolk (the pub has a camping field attached).  Food available from the pub, or self-cater. This is a community camp, meaning that attendees are encouraged to put on their own activities ~ talks, demonstrations, music etc. Details of who has offered to do what will be posted in due course.  

Independent (non-IPC) events that members might also like to attend

Suffolk Eisteddfod 2018 ~ February 10th, 11am - 4pm at TBC Ipswich. Seventh annual contest for performance poets and storytellers in Suffolk. Performance workshops, Poets and Storytellers Contest. Come along and support your favourite candidate for Chief Poet & Chief Storyteller of Suffolk 2017, Chairs presented by last year's winners.

Pooka's Pageant ~  date tbc, 10am - 4pm at Oddfellows Hall Ipswich. A day celebrating polytheist religions through the performing arts of storytelling, poetry, song, dance etc. Performers to be confirmed. Profits to the Hare Preservation Trust and Husky Rescue.


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