Ipswich Pagan Council

Bringing polytheists and pantheists together in Ipswich

Wyldwood Grove

We run a free Introduction to Paganism course over 8 sessions. Normally we meet in a public venue, such as a pub or the SIFRE Centre depending on numbers.

The course is aimed both at people new to paganism (covering the better known traditions of Druidry, Wicca, Heathenry, Kemeticism, and Hellenismos) and also those who are not pagan themselves but might wish to better understand the beliefs of a pagan relative or friend.

The course will run as follows: 

1st - introduction and history

2nd - Gods and spirits

3rd - Types of paganism

4th - Rites and rituals

5th - Sacred objects

6th - Ethics and philosophies

7th - Magic and mysticism

8th - Guest speakers and quo vadis

Please contact robinherne@hotmail.com to let me know if you wish to attend, or know someone who does. We can only accept under-18s attending if they do so with a parent or guardian.

Celtic Mythology

A five week course looking at Welsh, Irish, Scottish and related myths and legendsss, and what and what they can tell us about the beliefs and practices of the ancient Pagan Celts.

Runs from (dates to be announced).


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