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The GLEE Club

Our Genius Loci Encounter & Experience Club aims to meet on a roughly monthly basis in order to travel to various places around Ipswich that have a significance to our members. It is our intention to commune with the Genii Loci (spirits of place) at these various locations ~ through meditation, simple ritual, making offerings etc.

As time goes by this page will be updated with details of meetings, photographs of the places we go to, and accounts of peoples experiences and insights into the spirits and places. 

Each year on (or as close as possible to) the 25th May, anniversary of the signing of the Royal Charter for Ipswich in the year 1200, we will hold a "generic" ritual (not specific to any particular Pagan tradition) to honour and commune with the Spirit of the town.

Despite the name, no singing is involved... well, unless a spirit of place specifically asks for us to start warbling! 


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