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Pagan Heritage Day 2015

Saturday 11th July, 10am - 4pm, Oddfellows Hall, High Street, Ipswich


A regular event in the IPC calendar, we are running an Open Day for people who want to learn more about polytheist and pantheist religions. You might be a pagan new to the area, or an Ipswich resident who is developing a spiritual interest in the old ways, or simply the friend, relative or colleague of someone who is pagan and you want a better understanding of what they do/believe.


The event is completely free. Refreshments available throughout the day. FFI: robinherne@hotmail.com 

The Running Order

10.00am                   Welcoming address

10.30am                   'Magical Ipswich' with Robin Herne

11.15am                   Panel discussion of Pagan Festivals & Rites

12.00noon               Musical interlude & storytelling

1.00pm                     'Sacred Sites in Suffolk' with Terry Smith

2.00pm                     Storytelling with Robin Herne

2.30pm                     Panel discussion of Pagan views of the Afterlife

3.30pm                     Storytelling with Terry Smith


There will also be displays of art, local pagan history, static information panels, and informal discussions of various pagan traditions throughout the day.


All talks and performances are free to attend, thanks to the generosity of our volunteers.


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