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Moots - 2020

Our monthly gatherings are open to all friendly visitors with an interest in paganism, members or otherwise. The Committee reserve the right to refuse admittance to disruptive individuals. Meetings for 2020 will be held at the Thomas Wolsey pub, St Peter's Street Street, Ipswich (upstairs room). 

January 8th                   Debate on Pagan Environmentalism

February 12th               Norse Tales for a Modern Age (Simon Aalders)

March 11th                  Journeying the Medicine Wheel (Rob Lummis)

April 8th                       Cats in Mythology (Jo Hutchings)

May 13th                      Mediumship (Sheila Haskins)

June 10th                      Magic of Music (shared event)

July 8th                         Modern Ma’at (Venetia Gunn-King)

August 12th                  Social moot/book swap

September 9th             Weird, Wild West (David Wright)

October 14th                Power of the Word (Robin Herne)

November 11th            Fantastical Beasts & where to find them (Carys)

December 12th            Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Wands (Yuletide play, held in Oddfellows Hall)

Independent (non-IPC) events that members might also like to attend

Leaping Hare Convention 2020 ~ Saturday 28th March, 9.30am till 5.30pm at the Highwoods Community Centre, Colchester (adjacent to the Tesco Superstore). Good array of speakers, workshops, storytelling, trade stalls, refreshments, and good companionship. Details of ticket prices and programme on their website.

Pooka's Pageant 2020 ~  Saturday 14th November, 10am - 4pm at Oddfellows Hall Ipswich. A day celebrating polytheist religions through the performing arts of storytelling, poetry, song, dance etc. Performers to be confirmed. Profits to the Hare Preservation Trust and Husky Rescue.


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