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The Diary

The Ipswich Diary is our quarterly newsletter, featuring articles, poems etc written by local Pagans. Copyright for the articles included remains with the author and may NOT be reproduced on other websites or in magazines without permission (please contact the Web Weaver to obtain consent from the author in question). Many of our articles have subsequently been featured in nationwide Pagan magazines, including Pagan Dawn. We aim to add further articles as time goes past.

The Diary is FREE to members, and 50p to guests.

Choose articles from amongst:

Old Dotty's Rants (wise words from resident Witch),

Short Stories with a pagan/magical theme by members:

Setka Waits, by Robin Herne (2008) 

Little Grandmother, by Robin Herne (2009) 

Touch Not, Father Nikolai, by Robin Herne (2009) 

The Spectre, by Robin Herne (2010) 

Third Night, by Robin Herne (2008) 

Theory of Forms, by Robin Herne (2009) 

Magical Recipes,


Dr Hormonia Bludflud investigates... Reborn in Rendlesham

...Midwinter in Suffolk 

  ...Things that go Bump in the Night

Ancient British Tea Ceremony  

Skalding Wit (dictionary of strange Pagan jargon), 

Articles about the Old Gods

Poetry by members:

Brigit's Song, by Robin Herne (2007) 

Listen to the Wind, by Terry Smith (2000) 

The Tale of Ceridwen's Cauldron, by Robin Herne (2001) 

Beltane Poem, by Beverley Price (2010) 

The Friendship of Trees, By Aurora Moon (2010) 

Loki's Song, By Robin Herne (2010) 

Listen, By Debbie Capps (2010) 


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