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Pagan Camp 2021

Our sixth IPC Camp will be held on Saturday 11th September 2021 from 10:00am to Sunday 12th September approx. 4:00pm. As in previous years we will be in the White Horse pub field at Finningham. This event is open to IPC members and their friends, relatives, and guests. If you do not currently know anyone in the IPC but would like to attend, please contact robinherne@hotmail.com for advice. Some people arrive on the Friday, though there are no formal activities planned for the evening - just being sociable!

Basic food will be available from the pub, or bring your own supplies. There's also a nice cafe just up the road. As before we are aiming for a weekend gathering with workshops, discussions, the annual Wolf Spirit ceremony, a solstice ritual, and anything else anybody wishes to put on. The intention is that all activities will be provided by those attending.


There will be a campfire for all to gather round on the Saturday night where storytelling, anecdotes, poetry, songs & music is welcomed, as well as general chit chat.

Ticket prices encompass the cost of a pitch for your tent as well as money towards the hire of toilets, buying firewood, and other running costs. Cheques should be made payable to "Ipswich Pagan Council". To order tickets please contact robinherne@hotmail.com

Prices this year are:

Weekend with Friday & Saturday camping:

                                                                                     IPC members      £12

                                                                                     non-members    £ 14

Weekend with Saturday camping only                  IPC members      £9

                                                                                     non-members    £11

Day Attendance per day                                          IPC members     £4

                                                                                     non-members    £5



 SUNDAY 21st
 10.00am - Opening ceremony
 10.00am - bowls 7 croquet contest
 11.30am - Rob Lummis leads a shamanic meditation
 11.30am -  Leah Patricia leads clay figurine workshop

 1.00pm -  lunch break

 12.30pm - Lunch
 2.00pm - Robin Herne witters about Place-Identity 2.00pm - Robin Herne leads Beyond the Wardrobe discussion
 3.30pm -  ritual prep 3.00pm - pub quiz
 5.00pm -  wolf ritual 4.o0pm - closing ceremony
 6.30pm - dinner break 
 8.00pm - storytelling & music round the campfire




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